BXB Thornton Consultation

BXB Land Solutions Ltd is bringing forward proposals to develop new housing on an 11-acre plot east of Fleetwood Road North.

The map shows you the precise location.

We’d welcome your views on the type of housing you’d like to see on the site.  

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The Site

This 11.86 acre site forms part of the entrance to a large commercial development and is divided in two, either side of the entrance roadway.  It is low-grade non-agricultural land left to grass and self-seeding plants and is allocated for housing in Wyre Council’s local plan.

This web site deals with the larger part of the land, to the south of the roundabout and to the rear of the Iron Horse pub – a little over 10.5 acres in size.  A separate planning application for the smaller site of approximately 1 acre to the north of the roundabout will be consulted on separately.

BXB has been discussing a master plan for the main site with your local authority and other statutory bodies and you’ll find that here.  It is this that we would like your feedback on so that we can be sure that, when taking into account practical and commercial considerations, we submit the best possible planning application.

What do you think?  This is your chance to shape our master plan before the submission of our application.