Frequently Asked Questions

BXB is proposing developing the land in line with Wyre Council’s local plan for neighbourhood retail and service provision.  The land has lain vacant for some years.

The local council has identified the site as being suitable to meet local demand for retail and service provision. We are applying for a mix of uses to ensure we meet the full range of potential demand.  This does not mean that all of those uses would be provided, should permission be granted.

Previous planning approval was granted for a petrol forecourt with shop.  We are not proposing to re-apply for that use.

The site is low-grade non-agricultural grassland increasingly being overtaken by self-seeding trees and bushes.  There have been occasional problems with low-level fly tipping.

Once we have taken into consideration your views and those of other local stakeholders we will submit a planning application in line with local and national policies.  The nature and scope of the final scheme will determine who may wish to develop the site and an open-market bidding process will be undertaken to find a suitable partner to build-out the project.

This will be via the feeder road running along the southern edge of the site from the roundabout on Fleetwood Road North.

Our expert transport consultants, in conjunction with the local authority’s highways officers, have identified that there is sufficient capacity in the local highways network to cope with the volume of new traffic we expect the site to generate.  We will be investing in the link road to the Hillhouse Enterprise Zone, which will support access for vehicles serving this key employment zone.

We are advised by an expert team of ecologists and engineers and they are helping us devise proposals that will both protect key aspects of the site’s bio-diversity whilst advising on the optimal drainage strategy for the site.

Their full professional reports will be included with our planning application and open to the public via Wyre Council’s planning portal.

As part of our submission we will provide a detailed assessment of environmental issues, illustrating how our final proposals meet our statutory obligations. You will also be able to view this via Wyre Council’s planning portal.

Our proposals will include provision of charging points for electric vehicles.

Construction requires large amounts of skilled labour and utilises local supply chains for efficiency and speed.  Any development of the site can be expected to create jobs and supply opportunities for this part of Fylde.  The ultimate choice of suppliers will lie with whomever develops out the scheme.

Retail and service provision in the area has not kept pace with local population growth.   Developing the site provides an opportunity to deliver much-needed new facilities and services to the community.  Job opportunities will come via whichever businesses occupy the new units.

Having assessed retail provision within a two mile radius and taking into account feedback when we consulted on our housing application on the larger site next door, we believe neighbourhood retail and service provision to be the best use of the site.

As part of this work – and in full consultation with the local authority and other statutory consultees – we have addressed the following known items:

  • Need
  • Market demand & capacity
  • Traffic capacity
  • Site conditions
  • Environmental regulations
  • Ecology
  • Design
  • Utilities design and capacity
  • Drainage & flooding
  • Viability
  • Planning policy 

We now want to hear the views of local people and have an open mind about any changes we may make.  

The questionnaire and open-ended forms on this site give you the opportunity to share your ideas, comments and insights with us.  Please take full advantage of this.

The consultation will be open until 20th June 2022 following which we will consider the suggestions put forward prior to submitting a planning application to Wyre Council.

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