Future Uses

Having assessed retail provision within a two mile radius and taking into account feedback when we consulted on our housing application on the larger site next door, we believe neighbourhood retail and service provision to be the best use of the site.

As part of this work – and in full consultation with the local authority and other statutory consultees – we have addressed the following known items:

• Need
• Market demand & capacity
• Traffic capacity
• Site conditions
• Environmental regulations
• Ecology
• Design
• Utilities design and capacity
• Drainage & flooding
• Viability
• Planning policy

We now want to hear the views of local people and have an open mind about any changes we may make. 

The questionnaire and open-ended forms below give you the opportunity to share your ideas, comments and insights with us.  Please take full advantage of this.

The consultation will be open until 20th June 2022 following which we will consider the suggestions put forward prior to submitting a planning application to Wyre Council.